L-003 Eco Luffa Sponge Vegetable washing

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L-003 Eco Luffa Sponge Vegetable washing

NEW!2019 Big 1 Gourd Luffa Sponge Vegetable Seeds (Luffa Cylindrica) bath body

20Pcs Luffa Plant Seeds Loofah Vegetable Filter Sponge Washcloth Home Garden

Natural sponge

        Luffa sponge plant is a fun and easy plant to grow, the plant is a vine that will quickly grow into a support by tendrils from the stem. When the plant is about 1m long it will start to profusely produce lots of very nice yellow flowers, which attract lots of pollinators like bees!

Then fruits will appear, big green fruits the size of a cucumber, when small (less than 12cm) they are edible, as when older they are very fibrous. If let to mature, this cucumber like fruits will dry completely and the skin will be able to be peeled, leaving the natural sponge inside.

         Luffa is a tropical vine plant. This variety, native from Costa Rica a grows happily more than 5m, but starts making flowers at just 1m from the base. In Costa Rica is sometimes grows among people's gardens. They love full sun, but may have a little shade, which makes them have less flowers, leaves of a light green color and pubescent surface. The plant likes high soil humidity.Culture: sow the seeds 1 in. deep, on a group of 1 to 3 seeds on individual pots. Loose, well-drained soil is very important for good germination, but the plants won’t mind growing even on clay soils, a soil pH of 5–6 will give the best results. Plant a month after last frost once soil has warmed up, or in tropical regions, any time of the year. It may be grown outdoors in zones (USA 8-11) or indoors in a greenhouse. The plant may make flowers after 1 months of growth depending on the conditions and fruits will develop just 1 month later. Harvest when very small green fruits are present if intended to eat, or leave them to dry completely for the sponge.

Plastic free Luffa sponge.

Plastic Free | Handmade | Eco-friendly | 100% Natural | Vegan | Compostable

Luffa sponge is ideal for your skincare. Perfect for body exfoliation to remove dead skin, stimulate blood flow, reduce and prevent cellulite.

The purpose of the natural sponge is to replace plastic ones from your household. Switch to natural sponge when your old one is used.

Why should I replace bath sponge with luffa?

Most of the sponges on the market are not recyclable and usually contain plastic. Plastic not recyclable sponges ends up in landfills or worse often it can find they way into the oceans. Plastic which ends up in the oceans comes back to our food chain. That may cause cancer and diseases we don’t know yet.

Especially now when the effects of climate change are so visible we all need to change our consumer choices.

That is why you should look for alternatives to your plastic everyday household items. Alternatives which are made from natural ingredients and can break down naturally.


full length: about 10cm

Made of:

Luffa plant

100% natural, treated with spring water

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