About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic young Nepalese aiming to serve the world Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable, natural products made from natural raw materials like Saal Leaves (Shorea Robusta), Areca (Betel-nut) leaves,  Bamboo, Allo, wood, wool. We sell made in Nepal products to the world market. We supply every kind of typical Nepali product like Duna, Tapari, Bota, Areca plates, spoon and dinnerware, Bamboo Basket and tools, Bamboo cloths, Pashmina Items, Dhaka Clothing Item, Thanka treasures (Used in Buddhist Monasteries) and Handicraft items and so on. We basically focus on promoting those products which are made in Nepal by rural villagers and women of backward regions. We are export based Company provide Environmental solution to replace use of plastic and plastic based products. We offer Quality and hygienic Products to the buyers at a very reasonable rate. We believe that Saving Environment is your responsibility. We believe in new creations, new ideas, new hope and new path dragging Nepal and Nepali products to global market place. We use natural resources, organic and local raw materials. We do not import raw materials rather than we brainstorm of making new products through available resources and materials.


Save the Environment

Say No to Plastic

Entrepreneurship Development

Maximum Utilization of Natural Resources

Organic & Natural Products

Quality Eco-friendly Products

Enhance Productivity

To Promote and find market place for Nepali Products

Promoting Export based Businesses