M-001 Churpi or Durkha छुर्पी

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M-001 Churpi or Durkha छुर्पी

Durkha or Chhurpi is a milk based food eaten in Nepal. Durkha is usually made in the mountain region of Nepal. Yak milk is usually preferred to make Dhurka. Durkha have different types. Some durkha are soft, some hard but it is one of the favorite part of Nepali food. Durkha

छुर्पी सुकेको पनीर अथवा चीज को एउटा प्रकार हो जुन पूर्वको हिमालमा विख्यात छ।छुर्पी याक वा चौरी गाइको दुधबाट बनाईने गरिन्छ।

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